How Long Does it Take for Women to Get Pregnant?

By | November 20, 2011

A lot of women aspire to get pregnant and become mothers immediately after getting married. Although there are some who wanted to take their time when it comes to having children, still, most couples would want to have a child months after their wedding. Having a child at an earlier age means that they would still have the energy to enjoy life by the time they retire from the responsibilities to the latter.

But most women often wonder how long does it take for them to get pregnant. They should then understand that there is really no concrete answer to that question. There are a number of factors which determine the length of time it will take, one of which is age. If a woman tries to conceive during her prime years, between 24-27 years, there is a high chance of pregnancy in a short time. But when a woman is already 35 years old and above, she might have difficulties and might take her a long period to get pregnant.

Aside from age, there are still many factors to consider when trying to determine the length of time a woman takes to become pregnant. One factor is the general health of the couple. If the couple is physically fit, it would mean that their internal organs, including the reproductive organs, are in good condition. Being physically healthy increases the chance of the couple to have a child in a short time. They must engage in activities that will improve their physique such as jogging, going to the gym, and doing yoga. In relation to this, stress in women may take a toll on their chance to get pregnant. Women often experience stress from work, from doing household chores, and even from trying to conceive. These may actually cause a delay in getting pregnant. That is why it is recommended for women to take efforts to fight off stress like daily meditations, regular massages, or an entire afternoon with their girl friends. But whenever women who want to conceive go out to have fun with their friends, they should be cautious about doing things that will cause problems in becoming pregnant. Examples of these are smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. These vices have negative effects on the body of a woman which makes it harder for her to conceive. In addition to this, a woman should be able to inform her doctor during consultations about the past medication that she underwent. Also, she must discuss any former health issues that she had experienced. This way her doctor can identify the proper treatment that she has to take in order to conceive quickly.

Couples are recommended to try conceiving for one year. One year is the ideal period for couples to try to conceive on their own, without professional assistance. If after one year there is still no success in conceiving, that is the time that they need to consult their doctor for help.  You might consider a shorter time if you are over 35.

Having a child is always a priceless feeling for any couple. But even before the child arrives, couples should be able to practice the virtue of patience, as this is often needed during the conception period. I know it can feel like every month is a year when you are trying to conceive and wondering how long it takes to get pregnant, but it is certainly well worth the wait, and of course, the important thing is to seek help and advice when you feel that the process is taking longer than it should.

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