Tips For Getting Pregnant Over 40

By | November 13, 2011

There are many women all over the world who have delayed getting pregnant for a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons women are getting pregnant over 40 and not just in their twenties are career goals, settling down later in life and a desire for more children later in life. Whatever the reasons women will be pleased to know that despite the challenges there are still ways of getting pregnant over 40. Below are some tips to help women who are planning on having children after the age of forty.

Women who are planning on getting pregnant over 40 must maintain a healthy lifestyle to ensure that their hormones are at optimal levels to conceive a child. Good health goes a far way in ensuring that the critical hormones estrogen, progesterone and testosterone which are essential for getting pregnant over 40 are in adequate supply to result in pregnancy. It is also important for women who plan on becoming pregnant in their forties to maintain their correct body weight. Women who are over or underweight may have difficulty getting pregnant.

Vitamins and minerals supplements such as folic acid should be consumed from at least three months before conception by women who are planning on getting pregnant over 40. This should be continued up to at least three months into the pregnancy. These minerals and vitamins help to protect the integrity of your tubes and make it much easier getting pregnant over 40.

Continuing in the same vein of a healthy lifestyle, it is recommended that women getting pregnant over 40 and indeed all mothers-to-be refrain from smoking. Smoking is harmful to both mother and child and it helps to erode the fallopian tubes which results in difficulty in conceiving whatever your age. Furthermore, smoking is also bad for the ovaries as it accelerates ovarian reserve loss which further increases the difficulty in becoming pregnant the older you get.

It is a good idea for women trying to get pregnant later in life to also refrain from drinking coffee and alcoholic beverages. Studies have been largely inconclusive on how much of these beverages constitutes a threat to pregnancy or getting pregnant but the consensus however is that there is a threat. It is believed that too much of these beverages post a threat to fertility in women planning on getting pregnant over 40.

The timing of sexual intercourse is also of critical importance for women planning on conceiving in their forties. Intercourse will most likely result in conception if done during ovulation so that the sperm will have an egg waiting to be fertilized. In order to take advantage of this optimal situation you should try to figure out when your ovulation occurs. There are many different ways to this. For example some women monitor their temperature and vaginal mucus, others count the fourteen days from the start of their period if they have a twenty-eight day cycle and some others use tools such as ovulation kits. Once the time of ovulation is determined sexual intercourse should be done during this period in order to determine the best time to conceive a baby and increase the odds of getting pregnant over 40.


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